Clara Peller – video

NBC Interview With Clara Peller

Wendy's "Where's the beef" lady Clara Peller is interviewed on NBC.

Prego Plus Commercial (Clara Peller), 1985

Here's the infamous Prego ad that got Clara Peller fired from her gig as star of the Wendy's "Where's the beef?" campaign.

Where's The Beef Commercials - Wendy's 1984

The phrase first came to public attention as a U.S. television commercial for the Wendy's chain of hamburger restaurants in 1984.

"Where's The Beef?" w/ Clara Peller - 1984 Wendy's Commercial #1

It's a very big fluffy bun... "Where's The Beef?" Original Airdate: Jan. 10th, 1984 (Directed by Joe Sedelmaier)

Hilarious Scene from Moving Violations

This is a funny movie from the 80s. It has the "Where's the beef" lady from the Wendy's commercials. This is scene at the airport.

Clara Peller and The Search For Beef (TeeVee Games)

The story of an elderly woman and the burger demands that turned her into an overnight celebrity. FOLLOW TEEVEE GAMES ...

Clara Peller - Life and career

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Clara Peller clip from Moving Violations

A very funny scene from a 1985 Oh So comedy, "Moving Violations" with Clara Peller, the "Where's the Beef" lady who starred in ...

Hearing HelpLine PSA (Clara Peller), 1984

Here's a "Hearing HelpLine" Public Service Announcement featuring Clara Peller, dutifully delivering her Wendy's "Where's the ...

Coyote McCloud & Clara Peller - Where's the Beef? [1984] [With Lyrics!]

Wendy's song for their "Where's the Beef?" commercials from 1984-1985. This was released on vinyl back in 1984 and is a very ...

Clara Peller 1983 Jartran Moving Company Commercial

Clara Peller appearing in a 1983 commercial for Jartran Movers a few months before she gained fame asthe "Where's The Beef?

80s Commercial | Where's the Beef | 1984

Everybody's favorite old lady from the 80s, Clara Peller, drives like a lunatic in her search for The Beef.


This is the death certificate for Clara Peller!

"Where's The Beef?" w/ Clara Peller - 1984 Wendy's Commercial #2

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