Emmersyn Fiorentino – video

Emmersyn Fiorentino dancing with Derek Hough

Emmersyn and Derek at the 2018 Steve Irwin Gala.

Emmersyn Fiorentino Lionel Richie American Idol 2018

Emmersyn asks Lionel, “Who will win?!”

Emmersyn Fiorentino interviews Lionel Richie

Emmersyn Fiorentino interviewing American Idol judge and music Icon Lionel Richie for the 2018 World of Children benefit at the ...

Emmersyn Fiorentino World of Children 2018 Hero Awards

Supermodel Lily Aldridge chats about the importance of the World of Children's mission...and also, the importance of spaghetti ...

Emmersyn Fiorentino Incredibles 3

Incredibles 3 commercial.

Emmersyn Fiorentino and Russell Peters

Russell Peters interview for new show. Also includes interview with Emmersyn Fiorentino.

Glow in the dark slime

Eastyn and Emmersyn make glow in the dark slime for the first time. This is also their first YouTube Video.

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