Kristina Reyes – video

Kristina Reyes Teenage Superstar-NBB-vid clps

Kristina Reyes doing her thing as featured with the NBB and Nat Wolff. They've had a good story line to keep the drama going.

Kristina Reyes Performance

Kristina at her talent show thingy :)

Meet Kristina

the new member of nbb Kristina.

Cristine Reyes | TWBA Uncut Interview

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Re: Kristina Reyes birthday

Kristina Reyes birthday!!! have a great day!!! this is for the contest!! hope you guys like it.

Kristina Reyes - Airplanes

HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN KRISTINA i know its a little late but my laptop deleted the original version i made so i had to do it again ...

Kristina Reyes

Terrified + I wanna hold your hand.

Kristina Reyes// Jane Doe

Just some pictures of the Amazing Kristina Reyes.. Also I want to wish all of you guys a Happy New Year!.. We are ready for you ...

Kristina Reyes Singing Catch Me - Demi Lovato.

i think she has a veryu cute voice :) + i hope she goes VERY far !

Dia Framptions "The Broken Ones" Acoustic Cover by Kristina Reyes

Always been a singer. Learning more and more guitar. Enjoy!

Audition 1 Hold your hand Kristina Reyes

A very rough audition for a Chicago Gig. Full version coming soon as I practice this song a bit more. :)

Umbrella By Allie DiMeco & Kristina Reyes

Another singing video of the beautiful girls =) enjoy please? :) xoxox.

Kristina Reyes Naturally

Song: Naturally By: Selena Gomez!

Allie DiMeco And Kristina Reyes BFFL

The Songs Are The In Crowd-Micthel Musso HoeDownThrowDown-Miley Cyrus Crush-David Archuleta.

Allie DiMeco and Kristina Reyes !!!!

cute and awesome pic's of a&k - i love them - hope you like it !!!!!!

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