Lulu Popplewell – video

Lulu Popplewell - Backyard Comedy Club, Sara Pascoe's New Material Night, Nov 19

a mix of old, new and very very new material at Sara Pascoe's New Material Funhouse November '19.

Lulu Popplewell - The Stand Glasgow 25.9.18

Lulu Popplewell - The Stand Glasgow 25.9.18.

Barking Mad Comedy Club - Lulu Popplewell

Barking Mad is a national chain of Dog-Friendly Comedy Clubs founded and hosted by comedian Simon Caine. Find tickets for ...

cherry wine - hozier cover

i am full of snot and housebound with lurgy so i spent ages learning this.

lana del rey Video games cover - lulu popplewell

Lana del rey Lulu Popplewell Cover - rather shoddy sorry I cough because I have a touch of TB...

aeroplane over the sea neutral milk hotel shoddy cover

looking down to read the chords but would like you to interpret as angst plz.

i and love and you cover

i butcher the things i truly love for sport. this song is no exception :)

Sara Pascoe, Natalie Haynes, Ben Norris, Robin Ince and Josie Long - The Stay at Home Festival

While The Stay at Home Festival is free to watch please do consider dropping a tip in the bucket at ...

The New Normal - Sara Pascoe - 26 March 2020

Deborah talks to comedian Sara Pascoe and Mouse The Dog about their New Normal.

Dear theodosia - Hamilton cover

As I go more and more mad in quarantine, I do more and more half baked covers. I can only apologise.

The Girl Who Has Never Laughed (with Aisling Bea, Tom Allen & Charlotte Ritchie)

We find things funny, we just don't laugh. There are literally dozens of us and the world needs to know about our struggles.

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