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Le French May--Michelle Ye

Le French May is an annual event tribute to the film noir genre Michelle speaks in English.

Michelle Ye - The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate Long Trailer

Michelle Ye's new series Sorry,there's a half a second lag in the sound.

HKFA- Best Supporting Actress (ENG SUBS) -Michelle Ye

Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yu presented the Best Supporting Actress Award for the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards Michelle's ...

Michelle Ye Speaking English

Short clip of Michelle speaking English in Tutor Queen Michelle is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. Michelle's native ...

《娱乐星天地》假日大来宾:刘青云Sean Lau、叶璇Michelle Ye

《娱乐星天地》假日大来宾:刘青云、叶璇-------【Please subscribe to the SMG Official TV Channel! 欢迎订阅SMG上海电视台 ...

(HD)The new movie of Michelle Ye in 2015: Pandora's secret ep 1

The new movie 2015: Pandora's secret Pandora's secret ep 1. 叶璇 (Michelle Ye) ...

叶璇Michelle Ye被指耍大牌 导演:不可能再合作

叶璇Michelle Ye被指耍大牌导演:不可能再合作近日,历史大戏《东方战场》正在长春热拍,由于女星叶璇[微博]的加盟,自然吸引了不少 ...

Michelle Ye - Climb Real Estate

According to a popular Confucian adage, if you "choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life." For Michelle ...

《窃听风云3》来上海 叶璇Michelle Ye又抢戏

5月29日,由博纳影业集团领衔出品,刘青云、古天乐、吴彦祖、周迅、方中信、叶璇、黄磊等主演的电影《窃听风云3》在全国公映,并于 ...

Birthday Messages to Michelle Ye

wishes from Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Joe Ma, Myolie Wu, Nana.

Michelle Ye Raymond Lam enews 2004

Interview on enews while they were promoting lofty waters verdant bow in taiwan in 2004.

Athena Preview--Michelle Ye

A preview of Michelle's new series.

Michelle Ye: Not a momentary industry, it is one competition lasting through the times

Michelle Ye's insightful interview with Ta Kung Entertainment, the strength behind an ambitious career woman... Michelle Ye: Not ...

《窃听风云3》来上海 周迅缺席叶璇Michelle Ye抢戏

5月29日,电影《窃听风云3》于上海举办新闻发布会。现场,导演麦兆辉、庄文强携刘青云、叶璇亮相。周迅没来,叶璇被记者问片场周迅 ...

Derailed Women-- Michelle Ye & William Chan

Michelle movie with William Chan.

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